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If there’s one crucial thing I realized about this life is that it is wrong to depend your Happiness on others or on things. The saying that tells you happiness happens to be a choice is true to all. It’s always a personal choice to be happy. It is not because something or someone made you happy but mainly because you choose to see and appreciate happiness by default within yourself. You choose to embrace your evil side and see it as a good one. This is how the Evil Angel is conceived.


Evil can be good. This is a universal truth that so many of us, if not all then most, deliberately neglect. Take for example, a parent. Most parents will do everything and anything in the world for their children. Of course, it’s human nature. I remembered very well in one of my conversation with my mother, I asked her about what makes her happy, and she answered me, us – her kids. Evil Angel shows you that happiness is innerant and that all it takes sometimes is enough persuasio, which the site has been so successful in accomplishing. Tattooed girls with piercings yet looking so fancy and gorgeous and just the perfect curves.

A person chooses to love another person and suddenly their happiness revolves around and emanates from this person. So many people fall into the illusion of finding happiness in another human being who is also seeking happiness in the process. This is entirely wrong. This would only be right if you’re channeling this towards a porn site, which luckily E. Angel would be the perfect remedy. Encompassing over 9,000 videos, all high quality, all long clips and full movies, all the hottest babes you could think of, the ride won’t be anything less than enthralling.

People fail. All of us at one point in our lives, we’ve had that grueling moment of failure. Children fall short of what is expected of them. People fall short of their actions and intentions. When you depend your happiness on others, you’ve become a secondary to their state of mood or emotion. Then, it’s not anymore your own happiness but other people’s mood and emotion you are claiming. If you have no problem with this at all, I suggest you go with the videos and other awesome features of Evil Angel.